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Robin McDonald opened Howl in 2003. Frustrated with the lack of availability of high-quality dog food for her sensitive Weimaranar, Harper, she did a lot of research and found some amazing companies producing great quality alternatives to the big corporate dog food companies. Robin also realized that getting these foods was difficult if not impossible. If she was having this much trouble finding what she needed, other pet owners must be too, and thus Howl was born in the heart of Baltimore's beautiful neighborhood of Hampden.


Larry Watts is Howl's manager. We're still waiting on his bio because he is, you know, busy ...


Elizabeth Moorhouse has been working with dogs since she was 10 years old, which is when she first learned to show dogs. Professionally, she has been in the pet industry for 15+ years. She managed a pet boarding/day care facility for 3+ years before moving to Baltimore and starting her own pet care business. In addition to working at Howl, Elizabeth is a certified dog trainer and leads classes at our shop. 


Kathryn is a transplant from rural Pennsylvania, where she grew up with a menagerie of typical and exotic creatures. Since moving to Baltimore, she’s worked in the natural food industry and has been unfortunately downgraded to merely three cat friends, Mew, Beep, and Mo.


Christy has been working at Howl since 2017. She keeps a small studio space in the back of the shop, where she takes portraits of customers and their pets. She also oversees Howl's website and publishes our newsletter.


Clove started working at Howl in May 2022. Frustrated at the lack of humanity at corporate jobs, they were delighted to join Howl's team. They enjoy cats, crystals, and mental health advocacy.


Edison was born and raised in Baltimore. He has lived with cats his whole life, but loves all animals. He especially loves reptiles, and has recently adopted a blue-tongued skink named Jupiter. Edison went to college for game design and loves technology, art, and writing.


Kari is a New Jersey transplant with a background in ecology, gardening, and environmental education. Kari grew up with both cats and dogs, and has worked with reptiles, fish, and birds. They enjoy a good organizational task, wandering in the woods, and becoming friends with everyone's pets. Kari currently lives with one cat, Roo, who is a spunky little speedster who's always down to clown.


Beauregard was a pet product aficionado, well-versed in everything from freeze-dried turkey hearts to Big Shrimpy dog beds. When he was with us, he had the privilege of tasting every treat, playing with every toy, sleeping on every bed, and pooping in a variety of litters. Beau played an integral role in quality management at Howl, and was an endless source of entertainment for our customers. We miss him dearly.

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