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Group classes coming soon!

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Our very own Elizabeth Moorhouse will be offering group training classes at Howl starting in October!

Elizabeth has been working in the Pet industry for almost a decade now. She managed a pet boarding/day care facility in Harford County for 3+ years before moving to Baltimore. Since then, she's been walking and pet sitting full-time. When she recently decided that it was time to move on to dog training, she'd already been doing lots of training with her walking clients.

Elizabeth has a CCDT title through CATCH Dog Training, is an American Kennel Club Instructor/Evaluator, and has a certificate in First Aid and CPR for pets through ProTraining. She also takes continued education classes (Nutrition, behavior, etc.) through The Association of Professional Dog Trainers, and volunteers at the MDSPCA. She's comfortable with any type of dog or cat as she's had experience with many different breeds and temperaments (Including experience with animals in wheel chairs, wear diapers, deaf, suffer from separation anxiety, and barrier frustration) in many different environments. On top of her professional experience working with animals, Elizabeth is also the lucky owner of a rescued Border Collie, named Zelda (pictured below) and foster cats.

More information on class content and schedule will roll out during our anniversary party. Stop by for brochures and goody bags or visit Elizabeth's website to learn more!

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